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UltimateTax Introduces Refund Transfer to Facilitate Tax Professionals and Payers

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Updated 10:21 AM CST, Mon, January 22,2018

With the Refund Transfer bank product, tax preparing professionals get paid by the refund and do not need to wait for their clients to pay them.

Muscatine, IA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/22/2018 -- UltimateTax, the premier provider of tax preparation software for the tax preparer industry introduced the refund transfer bank product to facilitate professional tax preparers. The remarkable product would simplify the process of refund transfer for tax preparing professionals, allowing them to acquire their preparation and authorization fees quickly and conveniently.

With the UltimateTax refund transfers, a tax preparer can now offer up to $2,500 in the form of an advance for the 3rd year in a row. The product will also help tax preparing professionals in expanding their business and reaching out to a vast base of clients.  The UltimateTax will also offer monthly billing options to tax preparers, which is the first time this has been done in this manner for the professional tax software industry.

Sharing more information about the refund transfer product, a spokesperson at UltimateTax reiterated, "At UltimateTax, we're committed to providing our clients with the best in class refund options and solutions. With Refund Transfer, the tax preparing professionals will be able to deduct the fee for preparing tax as well as the authorized fees, directly from their client's tax refunds."

UltimateTax's Refund Transfer product also provides tax filing individuals to acquire their tax refunds even when they do not have a bank account. It facilitates direct fund deposit and does not require them to wait for their refund checks. It must be noted that when the bank issues a bank refund via the states or IRS, it then deducts the authorized fee from the amount and later forwards the money to the respective parties automatically.

This implies that the fee for preparing tax returns is directly taken from the refund amount received by the client and later deposited into their accounts. This does not require them to make an upfront payment, and the tax preparing professionals also get paid at the time of federal or state deposit for the services provided by them. With this type of arrangement, the tax preparing professionals can operate their offices efficiently and grow as well as expand their practice conveniently.

After a client has selected the Refund Transfer product, there are several options for receiving their refund or disbursed amount. These options include; Receiving a direct deposit or check directly from the IRS or receiving a check (which can easily be printed in their offices), a prepaid card with Green Dot, or a Walmart Direct2Cash direct deposit.

As a result, their clients are able to cash their checks for a minor fee or go to a Walmart outlet for picking up their refund amount in the form of cash. Apart from this, they can also use their prepaid card that is directly loaded with the refund amount.

With Refund Transfer their clients can get their refunds secure and straightforward. Tax preparing professionals need to remind their clients to set up a bank account prior to filing their state and federal taxes. This would enable their clients to acquire their refund amount in a safe and hassle-free manner. It is not necessary for the client to have their own bank account to file their taxes. UltimateTax's products provide a variety of options to receive their refund.

UltimateTax, which is a leading provider of taxation software, offers over twelve different standard features to facilitate tax preparing professionals in their tax filing process. With their launch pad feature, tax preparing professionals can view the standard options right on the front of their dashboards. This further helps them in speeding up their workflow. UltimateTax also offers the Free Conversions option to tax preparing professionals that further allows them to convert their data from their existing taxation program to UltimateTax. This enables them in saving a great deal of time required for updating their data and information on the UltimateTax software.

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