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The Novick Agency Advises on Avoiding Underage Drinking and Driving During Prom Season

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Updated 8:00 AM CDT, Mon, May 13,2019

Bensalem, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2019 -- The Novick Agency is proud to advise parents and teenagers on underage drinking driving during prom season. Every year across America, live's are lost and endangered due to DUI's that come as a result of drink driving during prom night celebrations. However, there are many precautions that both teens and parents can take to avoid any teen under the influence from ever entering the driver's seat of a vehicle.

A staggering 90% of teenagers believe that their classmates are likely to drink and drive on prom night. Unfortunately, only 29% believe that drink driving on prom night poses a significant danger, with 36% saying that their parents permitted for them to attend prom parties where alcohol was freely available. It's a fact that some teenagers will engage in underage drinking activities on prom night. However, it's a risky gamble, especially when motor vehicles are involved.

Parents' are advised to keep tabs on their children's whereabouts and transportation plans. Discuss the perils of drink driving with their teenagers, while refusing permission for them to attend parties where alcohol is available. The Novick Agency advises the parent to encourage their teens to sign a none drinking pledge on prom night. and also to agree to call them if they find themselves in a position where themselves or a friend is at risk of drink driving.

Teens are advised never to drink drive or enter a vehicle with someone under the influence of alcohol. Arrange safe transportation before prom night, never leave drinks unattended, and stay with a trusted group of friends that look out for one another. DUI's can change and destroy lives. They carry fines, penalties, and criminal records that could impact a career and travel options throughout a lifetime. For more information call 267-447-8582, or visit

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