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Smyyth Offers Deduction Management Services Bundled with Carixa™ Technology

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Updated 1:32 PM CST, Wed, November 07,2018

S. Plainfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2018 -- Smyyth, employing Carixa™, their revolutionary SaaS platform, offers deduction management services for mid-tier and large-scale businesses. When corporations choose to implement Carixa™ technology, either as a standalone platform or as a bolt-on for a preexisting ERP or other financial management software, they can recover millions of dollars per year of deduction losses that would, otherwise, go missing.

Carixa™ is unique among other SaaS and deduction management platforms. Not only does it function as a transaction processing tool, but it also uses a working understanding of best practices and industry standards, as well as an expansive and robust knowledge-base in combination with robotic programming and AI technology to automatically implement management processes that were traditionally completed manually.

The Carixa™ Deduction Management engine introduces collaborative workflows, optimized for customer and deduction type, while channeling transactions to responsible parties for resolution. By doing this, companies can streamline the actions related to processing and resolving deductions, benefiting from robotic processes (RPA) to automatically access data and documents needed to complete the deduction reconciliation and recovery cycle.

By harnessing the power of Carixa™, businesses will experience simplified deduction processing, identify systemic deduction causes and ways to prevent them, and, ultimately, reduce costs associated with deductions.

Carixa™ is a comprehensive SaaS platform that can offer companies much more than just deduction management. Carixa™ components include credit management, collections deduction management, reconciliation, auto-cash application, and much more.

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About Smyyth
An industry leader for credit-to-cash services, Smyyth uses Carixa™ technology and experienced outsourcing solutions to revitalize revenue cycles, automate credit workflows, accelerate collections and cash flow, and reduce overall process time for mid-tier to large-scale businesses across the country. Smyyth uses decades of experience to increase profits for companies by slashing operating costs, reducing inefficiencies, and facilitating a better flow of cash within customer-to-cash revenue cycles.

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