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Quality Credit Repair Offers Credit Guidance to College Students

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Updated 12:39 PM CDT, Thu, August 01,2019

Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2019 -- It's almost back to school time, and with college students returning to their universities in the upcoming months, their credit cards will be getting a significant amount of use. From school supplies to late-night food runs, students will certainly be racking up their credit card bills. As the trusted debt relief company in Philadelphia, Quality Credit Repair is now encouraging college students to review these credit card tips to ensure a debt free semester.

The easiest way to properly manage finances is to create a reasonable budget. Quality Credit Repair recommends establishing a monthly budget based on monthly income and expenses. Additionally, tracking spending is a vital part of keeping tabs on a credit card, so it's crucial to download a budgeting app or hand-write spendings in a notebook. Along with budgeting, opening bills once they arrive and paying them as soon as possible will help to avoid any issues.

Establishing good credit is very important, especially for young people. A person's credit score is a substantial factor when it comes to post-graduation plans such as apartment hunting and applying for loans, so it is beneficial to establish good credit as soon as possible.

Young adults are especially susceptible to missing credit card bills and experiencing late fees. To avoid these mistakes, it's advised to stay organized by scheduling alerts or automatic payments. In fact, these reminders are among the easiest ways to keep track of finances and ensure bills are paid on time.

Besides keeping track of spending, it's critical to create a secure plan to pay off credit card debt. It can be easy to mindlessly spend with a credit card, which is why it's so essential to develop a realistic plan for paying the debt.

Another factor to consider is the annual percentage rate, or APR. This refers to the yearly interest rate of a credit card. Not paying a balance by the due date accumulates interest, however, paying the balance on time does not. Often, credit card companies will provide grace periods for new purchases. This grace period falls between a card billing cycle's end and the payment's due date. It's essential to know the balance of the credit card, the date the payment is due, the date an introductory APR ends, and the purchase and penalty APR.

Thanks to Quality Credit Repair, college students can head back to school with confidence in their credit knowledge. For assistance from their top-rated credit repair clinic in and around the Philadelphia area, contact them today by visiting

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