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Premier Biomedical, Inc. CEO Letter – October, 2017

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Updated 9:00 AM CDT, Mon, October 09,2017

El Paso, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/09/2017 -- Greetings From The CEO and Staff at Premier Biomedical (OTCMKTS:BIEI)!

This past quarter has been a very busy and eventful one for Premier Biomedical.

Finance and Stock Performance

- The S-1, which was filed almost a month ago, has resulted in more questions from the SEC, which will delay receipt of additional financing until late in October.

- Revenue from the sale of pain products will sustain us until additional financing is available.

- I want to reiterate that we issue press releases only when we have real news to report, not fake news or fluff. We do anticipate that our press release distribution frequency will increase over the next quarter as a number of in-process developments are completed.

Immunotherapy and Biologics.

- We recently signed a contract with a reputable agent to actively seek a partner for the Biologics Division Cancer project.

- We held direct talks with several potential partner pharmaceutical firms. We have planted the seeds and now we nurture the plant and wait for a potential harvest.

Pain Management.

- We have finally received volume production shipments of our pain patch at the end of September. All actions start with product availability.

- In mid-September, our new 150 mg oil-based roll-on became available. The 120 mg water-based roll-on was also available a week later.

- Design of a 150 mg CBD spray bottle was completed and production cost estimates have been received. These are deemed satisfactory and we have begun the product launch process.

- Several new product designs have been completed and requests for quotation have been submitted and are in process.

- New agents/distributors have been added in several states in the USA. We are still looking for a reliable agent in Canada so we can avoid the shipping delays caused by customs clearance for each individual order. We feel success in this area is much more likely now that sufficient product volume is available.

- We are in the process of producing a new tri-fold brochure designed to solicit potential new direct distributors. It will include all of our current products along with the new spray applicator coming out later this month.

- We are working with a prominent sports figure to become a spokesman for our pain products and to provide access to the college and professional sports world.

- We have sent letters to the governors and Attorney Generals of Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc., who are actively preparing law suits against Big Pharma corporations involved in the manufacture and distribution of opioid pain medications.

- We also sent letters to the Trump administration citing our products as an all-natural alternative to opioid pain medications and possible solution to the epidemic of opioid related deaths.

- I had a 5-hour meeting in Pittsburgh with a major sales and marketing figure that just might revolutionize our entire marketing strategy. Detailed proposals are being worked on and will be discussed beginning at the end of this week and next week with a goal of being implemented beginning in the fourth quarter of this calendar year!!! I cannot expand further at this point, but rest assured that we will aggressively pursue all angles to achieve maximum results.

Investor/Public Relations Programs.

- In order to reverse the downward trend in stock price, we have taken the following actions:

Renewed our monthly contract with social media support group.

Signed a contract with a major stock support group out of Dallas. They just started at the end of September, and we expect good thing to come out of that agreement.

Signed contract in late September with a group out of New York called "New-To-The-Street". This contract involves six filmed sessions that will be provided to Fox Business, and other business oriented TV and internet based programs.


- I often get emails from shareholders requesting information and asking specific questions. Sometimes these individuals get angry because their questions are not answered. Frankly, we cannot address each individual inquiry, and often they are requesting information that is not publicly available. We simply cannot, by law, and will not provide any information that is not public knowledge.

- We are a sub-penny stock, and I am aware that many people would lose money if they sold their holdings today. My recommendation to them is to hold on and see the big picture. We finally have revenue-producing products that are peaking at the perfect time. Our anti-pain products are all-natural, pesticide- and solvent-free, non-GMO, drug-test-safe, without any known side effects which relieve pain of almost all kinds. Read the unsolicited testimonies submitted by users of our products just since February of this year on our web site at

- The current opioid crisis where more people are dying each year than are killed in vehicle crashes provides us a unique opportunity, as reinforced by our product testimonies where people have found true pain relief from spinal stenosis, polymyalgia, neuropathy, chronic pain, muscle aches, phantom pain, migraines, etc. and have ceased their use of dangerous opioid pain killers. We just need to allow the seeds of our product performance to gestate and to mature.

- Finally: each of our shareholders, customers and subscribers can help by contacting their congressional representatives to support the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017, #HR-3530 introduced by James Comer of Kentucky. The goal is to exclude the association of hemp from marijuana. Google and Face Book are still banning all ads associated with hemp products, including CBD. That is stopping us from advertising on these media and is stifling our potential business with mail order pharmacies. This is an active role for our followers, shareholders and customers.


- This past quarter, much of our effort has been focused on development and implementation of production manufacturing of our products, along with struggling against Google's and Facebook's ban on advertising of our completely 50-state legal products on their platforms to adequately get the word out about our products.

- We have undertaken a different approach to getting the word out and hope to have positive information to report on this in the next quarterly CEO update.

- We now have sufficient inventory and manufacturing capacity to focus more intently on expanding our marketing and distribution efforts.

- It has been challenging to not only negotiate and implement financing agreements, but to also respond to the numerous SEC inquiries regarding the S-1 filing.

This business would not be possible without the support, dedication and major contributions of the people in our organization. This is not a one-man show. We are all in this for the long run.

We thank our loyal stockholders and pledge that we will continue our efforts on their behalf. We thank you for your patience and continued support.

William A. Hartman
President and CEO
Premier Biomedical Inc.

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