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Online USA Doctors Announce New Comprehensive Healthcare Plans Starting at $49.99

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Updated 12:30 PM CDT, Fri, June 05,2015

Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/05/2015 -- With the cost of health insurance constantly on the rise, Online USA Doctors announced new comprehensive healthcare plans available for those looking to connect with online doctors for less expensive treatment alternatives. These plans allow potential patients, even in remote parts of the U.S., to contact and receive consultation from licensed healthcare professionals, and at a fraction of the cost of most health insurance premiums and copays. Now, Online USA Doctors offers new comprehensive healthcare plans for an individual beginning at $49.99.

Online USA Doctors offer electronic consultations (e-consults) and telemedicine, two very promising approaches to the challenge of improving access to specialty care. Telemedicine is the delivery of health services via remote telecommunications and videoconferencing. This includes interactive consultative and diagnostic services. The video-conference consult can end in new or altered prescriptions for patients. E-consults offer a rapid, direct, and documented communication pathway for consultation between primary care providers and patients. They may avert the need for a typically much more expensive in-person visit between doctor and patient. As a result, online doctors have the potential to enable cost-effective and convenient care for patients while improving access to and coordination of specialty care across the healthcare system. As such, they may offer an appealing new alternative for those incapable or unwilling to pay the high premiums for a national healthcare plan.

About Online USA Doctors
Online USA Doctors offers a full range of healthcare plans, the newest being the company's comprehensive plan for $49.99. This healthcare plan includes six online doctor consultations annually, during which patients can address the same concerns they would if they were in a doctor's office. This comprehensive healthcare plan also includes access to the Online USA Doctors patient portal to access their patient records and doctor visit information, access to laboratory tests if deemed necessary for treatment, and even access to prescription medication for treatment after doctor approval. The only thing that Online USA Doctors' comprehensive healthcare plan does not have is overpriced offices and long waits spent in waiting rooms.

A healthcare plan from Online USA Doctors can provide the potential for improving the quality of medical care including fewer inappropriate clinic visits, fewer avoidable follow-up visits, and an increase in necessary follow-up visits with e-consult-based versus paper-based referrals. Utilizing telemedicine also has advantages for patients. Online USA Doctors offer 6 video consults included in the company's $49.99 comprehensive healthcare plan. Videoconferencing is very convenient both in terms of reducing travel time and more prompt scheduling. It also typically represents a substantial cost saving for patients. Compared to the cost of an office visit or trip to an urgent care or emergency facility, expense for a telemedicine consult is dramatically lower.

E-consults are available through highly trained physician groups dedicated to user in medicine into the 21st Century. Telemedicine goes beyond the use of an online symptom checker, an informational website with generic medical information, or an online doctor available to respond to very general questions about health conditions. E-consults are real doctor/patients visits performed online using the advantages of technology to provide convenient medical care.

To learn more about a comprehensive healthcare plan from Online USA Doctors, visit or call 888-315-9647. Plans are available to fit any budget or lifestyle.

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