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Mas Oyama Coin Set to Launch Mid-February and Change the World of Karate with Cryptocurrency

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Updated 9:45 AM CST, Fri, January 26,2018

Launched in homage to the revered creator of Kyokushin Karate, the Mas Oyama Coin will change business as usual for martial arts come February.

Tokyo, Japan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/26/2018 -- Fueled by an iconic name and empowered with smart contract technology, the Mas Oyama Coin makes its way to the ICO marketplace. Set to launch on February 15th, the cryptocurrency will start by streamlining business for more than 1,200 branches and 40 million members of Kyokushin Karate worldwide. Employing the blockchain to help the organization create a highly-reliable system whereby contracts can be preserved, monitored, and funded automatically, the new ICO holds promise. Slated to be used for settlement currency regardless of genre, Mas Oyama Coin has the potential to reach any industry. Initially created for martial arts events and the distribution of prize money, the blockchain technology will make funding donations, tuition fees, meals, products, and services across businesses and charities simple.

"We developed the Mas Oyama Coin not only to honor Masutatsu Oyama's name but to streamline the ways and means of various martial arts and karate organizations. Mas Oyama had excellent working relationships with organizations regardless of their martial arts genre. But, after his death, organizational problems occurred and as we grow, the process becomes more tedious. To make improvements and keep the good Mas Oyama name intact, we stepped into cryptocurrency. With the February launch of the MAS coin, and the four phases that will follow, we will be able to streamline management and reward athletes on a whole new level," Akira Oyama, Director of International Karate Organization Mas Oyama Kyokushinkaikan, said of the new ICO.

With strategic growth in their sites, the organization has plans to create a partnership system with other martial arts organizations like K-1, the UFC, and MMA. This will allow for convenient event ticket and merchandise purchasing as well as athlete rewards. Creating even more possibilities, the Master Mas Oyama Card is also on the horizon. The debit card will be used in tandem with the MAS coin via an Android app. This will help consumers conveniently shop with cash secured from an ATM.

Oyama said, "While all of these applications are phenomenal, we have an altruistic vision for the Mas Oyama Coin as well. We want to create a climate in which people worldwide can help train adolescents in the martial arts and support the rehabilitation of juveniles who have strayed from the right path. It's definitely what Mas Oyama would want."

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About Masutatsu Oyama:
Masutatsu Oyama, commonly known as Mas Oyama, was a karate master who founded Kyokushin Karate; known as the most influential style of full-contact karate. Having studied Chinese martial arts since the age of nine, the master imparted his wisdom in his best-selling book "What is Karate." Originally, the Kyokushin trademark carried an emphasis on breaking objects such as boards, tiles, or bricks to measure one's offensive ability. To that end, Oyama's teaching style also implored practice fighting to hone students' skills.

About International Karate Organization Mas Oyama Kyokushinkaikan:
International Karate Organization Mas Oyama Kyokushinkaikan is the parent company of the Mas Oyama Coin (MAS). The organization was founded by the grandson and third daughter of the creator of Kyokushin Karate, Masutatsu Oyama. The MAS Coin is slated to change the way business is conducted in the martial arts sector thanks to cryptocurrency technology.

Mas Oyama Coin Information:
Abbreviation: MAS
Total Issues: 500 million
Block generation: 15 seconds
System: ERC20 Token
Algorithm: Ethash / Casper

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Mas Oyama Coin Evangelist, International Karate Organization Mas Oyama Kyokushinkaikan


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