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Los Angeles Financial Firm Identifies Leading Cause of Divorce

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Updated 11:30 AM CDT, Wed, April 25,2018

Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2018 -- Experts say the No. 1 cause of stress in a relationship and a leading cause of divorce is finances.

A study released in 2015 by SunTrust Bank backs that idea up. The report says, "among those who indicate they have relationship stress, finances top the list of reasons: 35 percent say finances are the primary cause."

Alex Weinberger says his 10 years in the finance business, helping couples before they get married and during divorce shows the exactly same thing.

"It is understandable. Finance is what keeps a roof overhead, food in the fridge and all the other expenses that come with living. When finances get people, people get stressed," he said. "Careful planning might not take all the stress out, but it sure will reduce it."

Mr. Weinberger's company, Marriage Financial Solutions, offers prenuptial financial planning for couples who plan to get married and financial advice and planning for couples headed for divorce.

"The fact is both times are stressful. Emotions tend to run high. When you are caught up in emotion, that is not the time to make long-term financial decisions. Getting an expert who can look at the situation from a detached point of view can make a huge difference in the outcome," he said.

Prenuptial agreements are on the rise. Those who get such agreements usually say they want financial matters to be settled as much as possible to prevent problems down the road. Beyond that, Mr. Weinberger said the reasons for a prenup are as varied as the people who get the contracts.

Divorce financial planning is recommended by divorce attorneys, especially in cases where one or both people in the relationship own part or all of a business.

"Not saying this is more important than a prenup agreement, but divorce financial planning is important. Having an independent expert review the finances of both sides goes a long way to make sure the divorce is as fair as possible for both partners," Mr. Weinberger said. "It also takes emotions out of the picture. When the financial expert delivers his report, it is unbiased. A divorce court judge will rely heavily on such a report."

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As Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA®) and Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) professionals, we have the ability to assist in creating a picture of the possible long and short-term consequences of potential settlements before making a commitment which could be impossible or difficult to change. The experts at Marriage Financial Solutions have extensive expertise in working on mediated and collaborative cases.

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