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Legacy Partners Insurance and Financial Service Brings in Unique Disability Insurance in Fresno and Inglewood

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Updated 11:31 AM CST, Wed, November 07,2018

For those looking for disability insurance in Fresno and Inglewood, Legacy Partners Insurance and Financial Service is the right name to count on.

Glendale, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/07/2018 -- When it comes to the most valuable assets, some talks about their homes, while some mention long-term investments. For business owners, it is their companies. But, none of it would be possible without one common factor: the ability to work, to earn income.

Be it home insurance or business insurance - all might boil down to nothingness if the ability to work is gone. A long or short-term disability can financially cripple one's family. Moreover, it will emotionally drain an individual, leaving one psychologically twisted. Disability insurance policy in Fresno and Inglewood is the right option to choose when it comes to such worst condition. The benefits of such policy can financially stabilize one who is affected by short-term ailment or any physical injuries.

Legacy Partners Insurance and Financial Service is one such establishment that understands the benefits of such policy and dish out the same at a low premium to help individuals with a short-term or long-term disability. One can only be eligible for such benefits provided one is affected with any short-term ailment or any physical injuries which are not associated with the job one does or any impairment which results from the job at the workplace.

With over 37 million Americans classified as disabled, it is high time to get this policy. According to the latest statistics, one in eight workers will become disabled for five or more years during their lifetime. Some might consider that the possibility of becoming disabled to be almost nil due to the low-risk jobs they have. But, the reality is something different. Around 90% of all disabilities are the result of illness and not accident. This is where lie the benefits of such insurance.

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