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Investing in a Marketing Strategy Will Encourage a Steady Stream of Leads

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Updated 8:30 AM CDT, Fri, August 24,2018

Newtown Square, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2018 -- Running an insurance agency without a steady stream of customers is an impossible feat. It is best for all insurance agencies to invest in marketing strategies that encourage lead generation.

To make certain there is always a continuous flow of customers, agents need to have a well thought out marketing plan. Most agents want to be successful, but not all take the time to plan marketing strategies. "That means developing a marketing plan and sticking to it," said Clelland Green, RHU, CEO of "If you do not have a plan, make the time to get one together. It makes marketing a whole lot easier."

Part of a good marketing plan is ensuring that its components will help grow one's agency and generate leads in the best and most efficient way. To check if that a marketing plan is working, agents will have to test each stage of their marketing plan. While the plan may seem appropriate, it still needs to be tested, continuously. Examining how users, or potential leads, respond to various marketing strategies helps point out what is working and what is not. Testing means checking ad copy, website content, news releases, headlines and incentives. It takes some work, but the payoffs can be terrific.

"When it comes to testing, don't test everything all at once," added Green. "If you are going to make a change, only make one change at a time, otherwise you will not know what change was the thing that worked." When testing, consider these areas:

Newspaper ads
Various offers
Different response forms
Different guarantees
Different pictures
Different slogans
Various ad layouts
Various YouTube offerings

Once the right marketing combination has been determined, use targeted marketing on the understanding that determining what is working to market products is an ongoing process to achieve successful agency growth. In other words, a marketing plan is not just done once. It needs to be tweaked over time.

How does an insurance agent use targeted marketing? Here are some of the areas that may make sense for an agent to focus on:

Demographics – occupation, age, marital status, sex, income etc.

Spending habits

Psychographics or psychological attributes – customer wants, behavior, goals, needs, shopping patterns and values

"There is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to finding information for a targeted marketing campaign," Green pointed out. "Instead, make use of information that is at your fingertips first, such as from local newspapers, the library, Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce."

Everything insurance agents need to market an agency is right at hand. With dedication and determination a marketing campaign can convert many new customers.

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