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Infinitum Hits 1,000 Registrations for Physical Bitcoin

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Updated 3:15 AM CDT, Tue, May 05,2015

Infinitum Bitcoins has reached 1000th registered customer for the Da Vinci Ingenium Physical Bitcoin.

London, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/05/2015 -- After announcing the physical bitcoins in March, Infinitum Bitcoin has been racking up the number of interested customers. Alec Johns sales managerfor Infinitum Bitcoins said today:

"We are very pleased to have reached 1,000verified registrations for our upcoming launch, with still three weeks to go before we start shipping we hope to see more coin collectors and Bitcoin enthusiast register talking advantage of the opening offers".

The impressive physical Bitcoin coin is made from two troy ounces of pure fine silver, 50mm in diameter with 3mm thickness. The coin face features a portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci,on the reserves side and a secure anti-counterfeit hologram is securing the private key. The Latin transcription which translates to 'Acts of Genius are Never Lost in Time' is minted into the reverse side of the coin.

Alec Johns from Infinitum said in a recent interview:

"We expect all 2,222 physical coins to be minted by the 20th of May, final preparations will take us to the 25th for pre-registered customers,and we will have coins ready to ship immediately".

Other physical Bitcoin providers usually take pre-orders so they can estimate a sense of volume also pre-orders helps them fund the expensive minting processes. Infinitum bitcoins is going against the trend by minting all 2,222 coins in advance and then asking customers to register their interest, the approach seems to have worked so far.

When asked recently about this somewhat precarious strategy of minting every coin in advance Alec Johns responded:

"Pre-registrations have been very encouraging, even though the pre-registration requires no commitment to purchase, the process has presented some key metrics into consumer response and demand".

Johns went on to say "Paying for items weeks in advance should be done with great care,external factors can cause unexpected delays to the promised delivery dates. We on the other hand, will have all the coins ready to delivery".

The coin is available in a three options one of which is Two Factor Authentication using BIP38, this is recommend by Infinitum gives the customer more control and security over the private key. Alex Johns recently explained the three options available.

"The coin can be purchased in three modes, first one being BIP38 Two Factor Authentication mode which allows the customer to generate an Intermediate code using a passphrase from a site such as or their own generator, they then send Intermediate code to Infinitum during the ordering process. We will generate encrypted private key and a public address and Confirmation code, send the public address and the Confirmation code to the customer so they can check that we have used their Intermediate code to generate all the other keys, finally place the encrypted private key in the coin and secure with anti-tamper hologram. There is no extra charge for BIP38 and we recommend people take advantage of it.

The other two modes are much simpler, we send the customer three stickers and they can implement their own address and private key,finally the most common for physical bitcoins manufactures is that we implement a private key and address under strict supervision in our facilities."

The company recently confirmed that it had received from its American suppliers the final finished security holograms also the draft coin showing the obverse side of the coin and all papers and stamps need to produce the various certificates. The company expects in the final coin minting dies will be ready in the next two weeks and then minting of the 2,222 can begin. After the minting the coin dies will be destroyed including all relief models and 3d renderings will also destroyed.

Buying physical bitcoins has proven to be very lucrative investment, the very first coins where produced by Mark 'Casascius Caldwell he no longer makes coins, now they are collectables. The original Casascius series of coins from 2011 made with nickel-brass alloy today sell on ebay for anything between $1,900 and $2,350.

Pre-registration is a simple expression of interest by submitting your email address, no actual payment is required. Once registered, Infinitum will contact you 22 hours and 22 minutes in advance of the coins going on sale to the general public. The big perk is pre-registered customers can choose their own number starting from 2 to 2222 and expedited shipping Non-registered customers will be able to choose a number starting from 101 to 2222.

Premium physical bitcoins such as the Da Vinci Ingenium coins from Infinitum carry potentially a large a premium in the future, the use of precious metals, and limited mintage makes the coins rare thus should appreciate in value over time.

Whether you are a collector or an investor, this luxury physical Bitcoin may be worth a closer look.

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Alec Johns, Sales Director
London, UK

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