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Getting Physical with Bitcoin, the Digital Currency Gets a New Coin

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Updated 3:30 AM CDT, Tue, April 14,2015

London, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/14/2015 -- A new Physical Bitcoin has been announced and will go on sale in May 2015 named the Da Vinci Ingenium Physical Bitcoin which are currently available on pre-registration with just customers email address no prepayments of any kind, those who pre-register for free get some cool benefits, registered guests are able to choose any number from 2 to 100 and complete the order 22 hours and 22 minutes before the site is open to the general public. All non-registered buyers will not be able to choose a number below 100 instead they will have to choose numbers from 101 to 2222.

This physical Bitcoin is made of pure 999 fine silver weighing two troy ounces almost 62 grams and named "Ingenium" the Latin word for genius. This limited edition is a true representation of the perfection in the works of Leonardo di serPiero da Vinci, the exceptionally gifted mathematician, philosopher, artist and inventor and is a prize collection of a lifetime. The limited edition of this physical Bitcoin comprises of 2222 hogj quality mintage coins and designed immaculately with the portrait of the genius gazing deeply, questioning everything, while contemplating the environment and observing the surroundings and comes in an attractive presentation box with genteel finish with numbered certificate of authenticity.

The diameter of the Physical Bitcoin is an impressive 50 mm. and width is just over 3 mm. the Physical Bitcoin is with a certificate of bitcoin wallet authenticity and options for two factor certificate of wallet authenticity using BIP38 authentication.

All editions are self-funded by the buyer the physical bitcoin comes with an interference resistant holograms and is being available for free worldwide delivery. The company has confirmed that they will be on sale during May 2015 and pre registration offers are being made public as the site is now open for pre-registrations.

To pre-register all that is needed is your email address no payment is required. Days before the coins go on sale to the public, Infinitum will contact you and tell you when you can start placing your orders in advance of the general public and choose a number between 2 and 100. The coins will be ready minted for immediate shipment.

Those having an appetite for collecting Bitcoins and even those who are just starters can find this physical Bitcoin a prized possession or being a perfect gift for those who appreciate exclusive luxury and fine details. This physical Bitcoin is available in three modes namely Infinitum Implemented Empty Wallet, Self Implementation and Two Factor Encryption using BIP38.

The inscription in Latin on this coin says it all which means "Acts of Genius are Never Lost in Time". This Physical Bitcoin is a true salutation to the genius.

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About Da Vinci Ingenium Physical Bitcoin
This edition of Physical Bitcoin depicting the portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci will be on sale from May 2015 and pre-registration is now open no payment is needed just an email address.

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