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Freedom Insurance Group Inc. Teaches Drivers What to Do when a Pothole Damages Their Car

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Updated 11:42 AM CDT, Thu, August 02,2018

Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2018 -- Freedom Insurance Group Inc. is teaching drivers how to handle damages done to their cars by potholes in their most recent blog post. As a provider of auto insurance in Philadelphia, PA, Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. knows all too well how expensive it can be to repair damages done by potholes. They are guiding drivers on how to assess the damage done to their cars and file an insurance claim to get the repairs handled.

After hitting a pothole, Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. suggests that drivers take a look at their vehicles to determine if any damages have been caused and how severe they are. They give drivers four areas to assess that are susceptible to pothole damage. These areas are the tires, wheels, exhaust, and suspension of the car.

When determining damages done to their tires drivers should keep an eye out for flats, a sidewall bulge, and tread separation. Wheel assessment should include looking for bends, cracks, and chips in the car's rims. Damage to the undercarriage of the can result in a hole in the car's exhaust pipe, muffler, or catalytic converter, and these damages can have both health and environmental consequences.

Lastly, damage done to the car's suspension system can result in the car's steering wheel not being center or the vehicle pulling to one side while driving. Repairing these damages out of pocket can be expensive, but if you have collision insurance, these damages can be taken care of by a Philadelphia car insurance company. Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. will help the driver get the coverage they need to protect against pothole damages.

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