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Following Up on Medicare Supplement Leads Can Be Iffy

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Updated 1:38 PM CDT, Thu, October 10,2019

Newtown Sq, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2019 -- Medicare supplement leads need to be fresh to be worked with any degree of confidence. That is to say that the fresher the lead, the better, and no other insurance agents have been calling the lead.

The key to fresh leads is getting them when they have not been chewed up by other agents and offer the opportunity to make a sale. In fact, the fresher the leads (think live or real time) the better the chance to sell a policy. While it is true that older leads or shared leads are less expensive, agents end up spending time and money trying to make a sale to a cold list. It is certainly not the agent that gets ahead financially in that scenario.

"The best Medicare supplement leads are those that are pre-vetted, pre-screened, are asking for information, come in real time and only come to "you," pointed out CEO, Clelland Green. While they do cost more than shared leads or cold leads, they tend to pay off handsomely in conversions if worked with due diligence.

Due diligence involves calling a lead more than just the once rather than giving up on them after the first call. Giving up and not calling again is as good as throwing money out the window. Just adopt the position that just because someone is not interested in buying a policy "now," does not mean they would not buy one in the future. Keep in touch without being a nuisance. "Also, realize that some people you talk to are never going to buy. You'll know that pretty soon. Move on," advised Green.

For agents that get really stuck on calling leads and feel they have tapped out all their luck trying to get a sale, cycle the lead around the office. A different agent may just make a sale. It happens that way sometimes. It is always best to know when to hold them and when to fold them and know when to walk away when a lead just does not seem to be interested in what you are selling.

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