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EthBOT Automatic Cryptocurrency Trading Software Launched Works on Autopilot

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Updated 3:15 AM CDT, Thu, May 10,2018

London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/10/2018 -- CRYPTOCURRENCY trading is one of the hottest topics all over the internet including discussion about trading platforms quick riches and guaranteed results. With software, programs, robots and systems popping up quickly to assist new traders trying to seize the opportunity of earning great gains, there seem to be confusion and misinformation running amuck. EthBOT, a newly launched automatic cryptocurrency trading technology designed provide people the profitable results. EthBOT is currently in the spotlight for being the best and more productive technology. The EthBOT technology has proven to work by harnessing the power of AI technology to work for human benefit.

EthBOT is a one of a kind cryptocurreny trading system, which works on autopilot allowing users to see their investment multiply as the profits on successful trades roll in. This automated money making software can be used to trade 8 different cryptocurrencies with low investment, diversification of risk, using trading strategy based on statistical arbitrage and technical indicators, such as RSI, Stochastic and Williams Percent Range.

"The ETHBOT is designed to make cryptocurrency trading significantly easier by overlooking the most important part of trading - the strategy, providing you with the ability to trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ETHBOT also has the capability to adapt to changing market conditions. ETHBOT is a cloud based trading bot, which means it does not require installation and can be accessed from any device with a web browser." The spokesperson for ETHBOT commented about the revolutionary technology.

Only recently, cryptocurrency and crytocurrency trading reached the height of popularity, the Bitcoin, the most popular among them. This unique focus on Cryptocurrency trading makes EthBOT a pleasant exception. Designed with ease of use and simplicity and proven efficiency, the automatic technology is perfect for beginners and seasoned traders.

Cryptocurrency trading has emerged as one of the most worthwhile markets for earning profits on investments, if the trading strategy is right. Cryptocurrency markets are novel and unconventional, which means they also have a unique set of advantages and a different learning curve involving trading strategies and this is where ETHBOT helps traders. Like most other forms of trading Cryptocurrency markets are subjected to market trends and using the right strategies for the trends. The complexities of cryptocurrency trading can put off some investors, however, using the right tools such as the EthBOT can allow traders to witness their investments both big and small grow on autopilot.

ETHBOT is an algorithmic cryptocurrency trading software that executes a trading strategy based on statistical arbitrage and technical indicators, such as RSI, Stochastic and Williams Percent Range.

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