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Biz4loans Merchant Cash Advance Announces Some Alternative Financial Relief Options for Small Business' Working Capital Needs

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Updated 3:32 PM CDT, Tue, June 02,2015

Biz4loans offers alternative working capital options through the use of merchant cash advances for small business owners.

Fresno, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2015 -- 2015 is a new year that comes with many financial working capital questions and concerns for small business owners. Biz4Loans's Business Cash Advance recognizes the new economic times that we live in and the need for alternative types of business capital loans that are required for doing business.

A credit card cash advance is a business cash advance based upon the future receivables of a business. There are many business owners seeking the money, to expand, pay current bills, needed promotional marketing costs or to make opportunistic buys. The beauty of of this advance is that when your business is busy the advance gets paid back sooner and when sales are slow it is paid back slower. This means that there are no fixed payments. This type of merchant cash advance is beneficial to merchants as the money is collected through the merchant accounts batches every night. Many times the merchant will choose to switch over their current credit card processing services to Biz4Loans Merchant Services for the purpose of one stop services and support. Biz4Loans can usually lower the merchants' rates right away when utilizing both services thus creating a win-win working relationship. Biz4Loans believes in treating their customers' the right way, with the right services for their individually specific business needs.

Some business merchants automatically assume that a merchant cash advance for business will be too expensive, but in actuality the issue of focus should be on how the money advanced will be used? If you spend $5,000, but make $15,000, then you come out $10,000 ahead. If a merchant does not take the opportunity to grow their business they run the risk of being dated and left behind, thus making it even easier for the competition to put them out of business.

The qualification process for the credit card cash advance is quite simple. In order to reduce the cost of a merchant cash advance, one can provide all the necessary documentation upfront. This ensures that there is a clear picture and understanding of the specific business industry. Common documentation for this type of business capital loan is the companies' tax returns, profit and loss statements, and balance sheets. One will want to provide good reasons why paying the business cash advance will be a good return of investment for the merchant lending bank. If one's company is driven by seasonal efforts, then providing one year of merchant statements can demonstrate the high and low volume months to the bank for proper payment adjustments.

About Biz4Loans Merchant Cash Advance
Biz4Loans is a California-based company with an exciting new way of quickly closing commercial loans for businesses small and large. With a customer-centric focus and a high standard for quality service, we embrace new technology to pass cost savings on to our business clients. Entrepreneurship Advocates "Entrepreneurship is living a few years of our life like most people won't, so that we can spend the rest of our life like most people can't. " – Anonymous We believe entrepreneurship to be one of the most rewarding journeys that a person can pursue and that no two entrepreneurs are the same. Some seek a better life for themselves and their families while others take on the risk in pursuit of independence. Whether it is a small town where everyone knows each other or a big city that never sleeps, every community relies on entrepreneurs to create and provide jobs and to usher in new possibilities. At Biz4Loans, we understand the challenges that entreprenuers face in financing their venture. We also understand that a startup entrepreneur frequently has to wear many different hats while her company is getting off the ground. This is why we provide a quick, convenient, and detail-oriented process that achieves results without unnecessary delays or obstacles. Growing the Business Community commercial loan brokers Whether it is financing to cover initial start up costs, purchasing of new equipment for an existing business or an expansion of facilities, Biz4Loans can help. We know that sometimes unexpected costs as well as unexpected opportunities require quick and decisive action. Our ability to quickly close a wide variety of loans has allowed us to build strong relationships based on our reputation for serving our clients effectively. Because of our speed and adaptability, Biz4Loans has brokered over $500 million in funding to businesses ranging from farms, hotels, and non-profits to office buildings, surgical centers and apartment complexes.

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