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Bitcoinvest Launches New Website for Effective Crypto Trading

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Updated 9:51 AM CST, Mon, February 12,2018

New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/12/2018 -- Bitcoinvest is a new up and coming platform for Bitcoin trading – which claims to return 100% of one's investments in just 30 days. They believe in providing transparency in their investment platform while also utilizing utmost speed. Instead of keeping one waiting for their returns, they are given their investment and interest back in as much as 3 days, and at most 30 days.

Bitcoinvest ensures that their customers are able to free bitcoins when using their platform. Bitcoin as a whole is going to skyrocket in price up to $80000 to even $100000 after the Lightning Network is fully implemented. To fully utilize this service one needs to have bitcoins in their wallet already. The website explains this stating, if there are only 700 Bitcoin in stock, however one wishes to purchase 1000. They may already get your purchase, but won't be able to honor the exchange due to lack of stock.

They must thus wait until other people sell them 300 Bitcoin. After the 'Big Boom' the price of a bitcoin is expected to go up by nearly 800%. This will make it so one is able to make a massive fortune as long as they do not sell their BTC early.

Bitcoinvest is part of a private group of crypto traders and artificially are able to increase the price of an altcoin that they choose. This is known as the "pump and dump" method where investors promote a stock they hold and sell it immediately as the stock price has risen.

Bitcoinvest purchases many coins that have low trading volumes. When enough of these coins are purchased – it begins to appear that the coin is trending and this attracts many other investors to it. When they purchase this coin, it increases the demand for it, and Bitcoinvest is now able to sell it at a much higher price than they bought it with.

That said, Bitcoinvest needs one's investment for all of this to work. The more capital they have, the faster and more easily they are able to provide profit. Thus, the lending program was opened to the general public. One's investment remains safe during all this, thus there is no reason to worry.

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About Bitcoinvest
Bitcoinvest are a team of trading brokers from NYC with over 30 years' experience in trading stocks, and 5 years' experience in trading cryptocurrency. They are currently launching their new website that allows the general public to invest in their coin purchasing mission to raise the price and gain massive profits.

Name: Melvin Hines
Location: NYC USA

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