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NASDAQ:KLIC Shareholder Notice: Lawsuit Alleges Securities Laws Violations by Kulicke and Soffa Industries Inc

LogoAn investor, who purchased shares of Kulicke and Soffa Industries Inc. (NASDAQ:KLIC), filed a lawsuit over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by Kulicke and Soffa Industries Inc.

NASDAQ:PRTA Shareholder Notice: Lawsuit Alleges Misleading Statements by Prothena Corporation Plc

LogoAn investor, who purchased shares of Prothena Corporation plc (NASDAQ: PRTA), filed a lawsuit over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by Prothena Corporation plc.

Florida CPA Firm Moves to New Orlando Location to Better Serve Clients

Florida CPA accounting firm, Tiller and Sheets LLC, developers of the 1 Touch Accounting system, announce their move to new offices at the Orlando Gateway Center. Their accountants have a collective 40 years' experience in the accounting/tax industry, and the new offices allow room for bringing on new talent to handle their growing client list.

DJM Insurance Services Taking Clients in Need of Contractors Insurance

This spring, and all year round, DJM Insurance Services is taking on new clients who are interested in contractors insurance. For those who are general contractors, the responsibilities that come along with each job also carry the risk of potential work-related injuries. Generally speaking, most contractors are responsible for a construction project from start to finish, and the right insurance policy can be critical to the livelihood of the job.

Biz Value Ltd Excels in Corporation Dissolution in New York City and Raleigh North Carolina

LogoEnding a business is not a simple task; dissolving a corporation requires strict adherence to the step-by-step procedure. The entire process involves approval granted by shareholders and members who are typically included in the daily operations of the smaller business and thus have vested interests. One can count on the experts who can help with corporation dissolution in New York City and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Biz Value Ltd Helps Business Deal with Shareholder Oppression in New York County and New York City, NY

LogoRunning a business is not a straightforward affair, for it involves numerous intricate issues to be resolved. Right from identifying potential problems that can hamper business down to bringing the shareholders to terms when it comes to making a decision, major or minor, it requires a certain sense of understanding to run a business smartly and smoothly.

Cryptocurrency Mining in Portable Containers at the Power Source

LogoNew Startup Coin-Energy, Inc announced today the launch of its $12 million equity crowdfunding offering to be executed pursuant to Regulation D for U.S. persons and Regulation S for non U.S. persons.

Quality Credit Repair Helps Consumers Understand Their Rights when Considering Bankruptcy

LogoFor most consumers who find themselves in serious debt, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a fresh start from the financial burden of never-ending debt. If consumers meet certain conditions, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy means that they will not have to pay a single cent to their creditors. However, unfair credit errors can stand between the consumer and the fresh start he or she needs and deserves.

Fintech Companies Are Providing Easy Access to Low-Income Personal Loans

LogoThe remarkable growth of Fintechs in the Indian lending market is certainly no secret. Fintechs have significantly transformed the whole structure that lending and credit were originally premised on. It wasn't long ago that low-income personal loans were literally non-existent. Today, there are multiple credit options for individuals with low income, particularly considering the number of Fintech companies that are serving a robust Indian credit market. The question has often been about the interest rate on available credit options (and how high-interest rates can get). Well, it is safe to say that as far as the interest goes, low-interest personal loans are a reality in the market today!

Moonlitecoin (MLC): Driving Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency as Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash

Moonlite mission is to give power back to individuals — especially unbanked populations across the globe — by enabling them to easily access cryptocurrency. Moonlite is building a worldwide ecosystem of crypto buyers, sellers and physical stores willing to trade crypto for fiat cash and accept it as a means of payment. No bank account is needed, just a mobile phone with internet access.

Legacy Partners Insurance & Financial Keeps Adults Protected with Disability Insurance in Pasadena and Van Nuys, California

LogoMillions of working Americans are facing a growing crisis due to a medical condition. In some cases, the situation may become so severe that they may not be able to work any longer. Without some income protection, it's quite natural for one to experience severe financial difficulty if they need to miss work due to illness, injury, or pregnancy. Having disability insurance in Pasadena and Van Nuys, California can be a great help to stay financially protected even during the most critical time of no-income.

NASDAQ:CGIX Shareholder Notice: Deadline on June 4th in Lawsuit Against Cancer Genetics, Inc

LogoA deadline is coming up on June 4, 2018 in the lawsuit filed for certain investors in NASDAQ: CGIX shares over alleged securities laws violations by Cancer Genetics, Inc. .

NASDAQ:FNKO Shareholder Notice: June 4th Deadline in Lawsuit Against Funko Inc Upcoming

LogoA deadline is coming up on June 4, 2018 in the lawsuit filed for certain investors in NASDAQ: FNKO shares over alleged securities laws violations by Funko Inc.

NYSE:LHO Investor Alert: Investigation of Takeover of LaSalle Hotel Properties

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors, who currently hold shares of LaSalle Hotel Properties (NYSE: LHO), was announced concerning whether the takeover of LaSalle Hotel Properties is unfair to NYSE: LHO stockholders.

PA Auto Credit Provides Auto Loans for Philadelphians Building Their Credit

Drivers with a low credit score may find that previous financial mistakes can make it impossible to secure the funding that they need to get behind the wheel of the used vehicle that they've been seeking.

NYSE:SE Shareholder Notice: Investigation over Possible Securities Laws Violations by Sea Limited

LogoAn investigation was announced concerning potential securities laws violations by Sea Limited and certain of its directors and officers in connection with certain financial statements.

$1.45 Million Settlement over a False Claims Act Allegations Against a Tennessee Chiropractor Announced by Whistleblower Institute

The Whistleblower Institute announces that a Tennessee Chiropractor reached a $1.45 million settlement in a whistleblower lawsuit to resolve False Claims Act Allegations.

Lee Hill Rowe Insurance Emerges to Be a Top-Rated Insurance Agency in Pooler, Georgia

LogoLee Hill Rowe Insurance is a reliable resource for all different types of insurance. With over 15 years, the company has earned an excellent reputation that says a lot about the commitment and dedication to their customers.

Knight Insurance Introduces Business Insurance in Sunrise and Weston, Florida

LogoFrom inventory management to quality control, new employee training to product development, business owners are often concerned about the future of their venture. It takes years to set up a business, but a few seconds for it to collapse. Keeping the business protected against any odd is, therefore, the biggest priority of many business owners. This is where Knight Insurance comes to the scene.

Producer Anthony Jabre Moves Ahead in Development with Crime Thriller "Rites of Men"

LogoAnthony Jabre, the CEO and founder of Vedette Finance, has produced a wide range of films and projects. With his experience and leadership, the Vedette Finance Film Fund has expanded its capital, assets, and IP content; with a new slate of films currently in development.

Announcing the Solartis Insure Microservice Hackathon

LogoSolartis is pleased to announce the kickoff of its Insurance Microservice Hackathon at the IASA Conference. The Hackathon starts at 8 am on Monday, June 4th 2018 and will be open until 5 pm on Friday, June 22nd, 2018. We invite software developers to submit entries using our microservices to create a workflow that provides meaningful value in the insurance value chain. Solartis will be awarding a total of $11,500 in prizes for the winning entries.

Cowan Insurance Sets a Benchmark as a Provider of Insurance in Anaheim and Artesia, California

LogoCowan Insurance has been on lead to provide great policies from Mercury Insurance in Cerritos and Downey, California. Being approved by California Department of Insurance, the company has been saving their customers and neighbors money and stress since 1972. As a family owned and operated company, Cowan Insurance pays superior value to relationships they build and nurture in their community. The goal is to make sure that their clients get the perfect amount of coverage at a competitive rate no matter it requires them to go an extra mile. As long as the company is around, there is no need to look for any other company in Southern California.

NASDAQ:SYMC Shareholder Notice: Lawsuit Alleges Misleading Statements by Symantec Corporation

LogoAn investor, who purchased NASDAQ: SYMC shares, filed a lawsuit over alleged Securities Laws violations by Symantec Corporation

$5.5 Million Settlement over a False Claims Act Allegations Against AmeriCare Ambulance Service Announced by Whistleblower Institute

LogoThe Whistleblower Institute announces that AmeriCare Ambulance Service reached a $5.5 million settlement in a whistleblower lawsuit filed by a former employee over defrauding Medicare by billing for medically unnecessary ambulance transportation services.

NASDAQ:LFIN Investor Alert: Deadline on June 4, 2018 in Lawsuit Against Longfin Corp

LogoA deadline is coming up on June 4, 2018 in the lawsuit filed for investors of Longfin Corp (NASDAQ: LFIN) over alleged securities laws violations by Longfin Corp.